Project Estimating Services

for Heavy Civil and Infrastructure Projects

Hewitt Estimating Consultants

Hewitt Estimating Consultants

Heavy Civil & Infrastructure Cost Estimating Consultant


Hewitt Estimating Consultants provides cost estimating services to the Heavy Civil & Infrastructure Construction Industry. Hewitt Estimating Consultants is a trade name of International Project Estimating Limited, incorporated in 2004.

We specialize in estimating large Infrastructure projects, including Heavy Civil, Hydro, Tunnels, Light Rail Transit, Highways, and Bridges.

We work with contractors to provide hard money bids and engineers and owners to provide feasibility estimates.

We estimate projects standalone or as part of joint venture team. We utilize our own software called the Chief Estimator or can work with our joint venture partners in HCSS or InEight formats. We present our estimate reports in Excel format that are e-mailed to our Clients. We can estimate in both Metric and USCS (United States Customary Units) along with the currency of your choice.

Since 2004 we have estimated over US$ 60 Billion of Heavy Civil and Infrastructure Works in Canada, the USA, and Internationally.